The grasslands

At Öijared there are many open spaces that have been in use for a long time. There are fields for grazing, and meadows grown for hay, but above all our open grassed areas these days are made up of golf courses, with smaller, sometimes forested areas as pasture for horses, sheep and cows.  As we develop Öijared’s game management, land is also set aside for buffer strips and designated game fields, as well as areas for winter feed when necessary.

Öijared’s flora

We’re proud of our rich flora at Öijared. In spring lily of the valley competes with the slopes of wood anemones, and in the early morning sunshine the dew sparkles in the lady’s mantle.

Bracken and common cow wheat edge the golf courses, and the forest verges are graced with devil’s bit scabious, hawkweed, harebell and St.John’s wort. Eyebright, golden rod, clover and lots of northern bedstraw also grow here. If you keep your eyes open you can spot orchids and violets by the roadside.

Oak groves

As per our Nature Conservation Agreement (partly included in Natura 2000) with the Swedish Forest Agency, sustainable silvicultural practices are carried out in over ten percent of our forest.  All other forest operations follow the Swedish Forest Care Act with its general environmental concerns.

Each area is cared for so that its distinctive character and distinguishing features are accentuated. So, for example, our ancient oak groves, where hundreds of cows have grazed in the past, can be preserved and nurtured.