Guest information

Our clubhouse is open every day. For current opening times go to Contact.
If you have any queries please contact reception on +46 (0)302 373 00.


Green fees below apply to a full round. On the courses we also offer a 10 hole green fee. Parkbanan 250 SEK, Nya Banan 300 SEK and Gamla banan 400 SEK. Juniors half the price. Current green fees can be found here. If you want any more information contact booking on +46 (0)302 373 00 or email

Old course
Senior 700 SEK, Junior 350 SEK

New Course
Senior 500 SEK, Junior 250 SEK

Park Course
Senior 400 SEK, Junior 200 SEK

Multi Course
Offers golf, football golf and disc golf
Golf Senior 200 SEK, Junior 100 SEK
Footballsgolf och Discgolf Senior 120 SEK, Junior 60 SEK

A discounted green fee cannot be combined with other offers.

HCP limit for guest players

The Park Course and the Multi Course are open to all, including players without a Green Card.
On the Old Course and the New Course the maximum handicap for guest players is 36.

Booking conditions

Tee times can be booked 14 days in advance. Bookings with more than 14 days notice will incur an advance booking fee of 50 SEK /person.  For group enquiries please mail our club president Lars Brydolf.


Cancellation conditions

Registration of your arrival for your booked time takes place in reception or at one of the terminals in the club house.  Cancellation without charge can be made no later than 2 hours before arrival, after that a fee of 200 SEK /person will be invoiced. NB! This applies to both members and guests. Please be considerate and confirm your arrival so that as many people as possible can get out on our lovely golf courses.


Green fee payment

Green fees should be paid before play. When reception is unmanned the green fee can either be paid in cash in the green fee honesty box, or by card at the terminal in the club house. Play without paying will incur a penalty of a double fee and the round will be terminated immediately. We carry out regular green fee checks on our courses.


10 hole green fee

On the Park Course, the New Course and the Old Course we also offer a 10 hole green fee on weekdays. Parkbanan 250 SEK, Nya Banan 300 SEK and Gamla banan 400 SEK. Juniors half the price. 

Golf play

Greenkeeping always takes precedence. If maintenance is being done within reach, show that you are ready to wait for the all clear before you play. Never check your swing in the direction of the greenkeeper or another player.

Groups that are holding up play must immediately let parties behind go in front. Faster groups should always be let through. When searching for a ball, the group behind should be waved through after 30 seconds if the ball has not been found. The person with the lowest handicap in the group is responsible for seeing that participants observe golf etiquette/safety and that play is not delayed unnecessarily. Members are likewise responsible for their guests. Players not following these basic principles of golf etiquette may be expelled from the course.

Course care

All players are expected to take care of the course and repair at least one pitch mark per green. Divots should be replaced and tamped down. This is so that the fairway will be still be in good condition next time you visit us.

Golf buggies

We have 18 golf buggies for hire. To drive a buggy a detailed rental agreement is signed when you pick up the key. We require a driving license. Please note that the same rules about alcohol apply as when driving a car.

Guest prices

450 SEK/buggie and round

300 SEK/buggie and round for guests with doctor’s certificate

Member’s prices

450 SEK /buggie and round

200 SEK/buggie and round for members with doctor’s certificate

4000 SEK/season ticket – same booking conditions as for others apply.

The earliest the buggies can be booked is when booking tee time.


We offer golf packages including accommodation in our hotel.

Dogs on the golf course

When playing, dogs on leads are permitted on all courses at Öijared. The dog must be able to be there without disturbing other players and it goes without saying that the dog owner must clean up after the dog. If someone already playing does not want the dog to be there the dog owner should respect that and re-book another time.

Dress code

We have a simple philosophy regarding dress code. Clothing should be clean and not torn. Playing shirtless is not allowed.

Discontinued play due to lightning

If you are forced to discontinue your round because of lightning you will not be reimbursed. If you return to reception within two hours of teeing off due to a thunderstorm we will offer a credit note equivalent to half the fee you paid for your 18 hole round.


Unplayable course due to heavy rain

If you are forced to discontinue your round because the greens are flooded you will not be reimbursed. If you return to reception within two hours of teeing off due to the greens being flooded we will offer a credit note equivalent to half the fee you payed for your 18 hole round.

When frosty

If it is frosty all tee times will be delayed. Reception staff will notify you when it is ok to play. We do our best to predict frost and then block tee times to reduce the risk of delays to booked times.